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CTH - Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a Timber Home?

Any home that integrates log or heavy timber into the design and structure. We use squared or milled logs as well as hand-hewn logs to make the home of your choice. We offer full mortise & tenon Douglas Fir timber frames clad with SIP's.

2. Are Timber Homes warm?

Extremely warm! When built correctly, these homes are very energy efficient, air-tight, and can actually cost less to heat (or cool) than a conventional stick-frame house. A log wall system will retain heat in its thermal mass and a timber frame home often uses superior rigid insulation. Of course, it is very important to have adequate insulation in the ceilings and foundation, quality windows and doors, and a balanced heating system.

3. Will my Timber Home require much maintenance?

The finishing products used today are much improved over those used in the past. You can choose a natural wood finish or a completely maintenance-free exterior for your timber home.

4. How much does a Timber Home cost?

Even though it may not cost any more than a conventional home; being a unique creation, it will look and feel much more extravagant.
There are many variables that will determine the final price of your dream home. In order to provide a fair and accurate price on your particular project, a CTH representative will have to determine an accurate floor plan layout, the construction specifications, finishing level, location and timelines. CTH can show you many options and alternatives to help stay within your specific building budget.

5. How do I get started?

Simply call : 306-934-2965 or us.