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CTH - About Canadian Timber Homes

Canadian Timber Homes builds beautiful log & timber frame homes. They have the features and conveniences you would expect in a fully modern home…. while keeping all the warmth and charm of wood & timber.
Western Red Cedar, Douglas Fir, Lodgepole Pine, Blue Spruce are the most stable species of wood for timber home construction. Our time tested design and construction methods are simple yet incredibly strong and air-tight. Our wall systems virtually eliminate the settling, shifting, splitting, and cracking concerns other builders experience.
The cost of a timber home can easily compare with the cost of similar "stick frame" house depending on the spec’s you opt for. We can incorporate any feature you desire: sunrooms, sunken living rooms, fireplaces, vaulted ceilings, covered porches/verandas, lofts, etc. You will have to contact CTH for pricing of your particular project.
We offer several standard models from which to choose….or custom floor plans at no extra charge. CTH never builds two homes alike. We will design and build your dream home to your specific tastes and budget in mind. Our experienced design team and craftsmen can create a "one-of-a-kind" dream home for the discriminating homeowner. Using only top quality materials and state-of-the-art building techniques; your timber home can be a reality in only a matter of weeks.

For more information or to build your own timber home please drop us an or give us a call at 306-934-2965.

Constructing Your Log or Timber Frame Home

Wall constructionWe use only the finest grade Cedar, Pine, Spruce, and Fir from Western Canada. Western Red Cedar is one of the most stable building materials known for log home construction. Douglas Fir allows for longer spans and gives incredible strength for load bearing and structural timbers. CTH homes are best known for their pleasant aromatic smell and warm, rich colorful wood.

Frame of Timber HomeCTH uses age old logging and milling techniques. We air or kiln dry our timber as well as choose standing-dead, fire/insect-killed timber whenever possible. This reduces moisture content in the timber to control settlement and shrinkage after assembly. We use proven joinery and notching methods like double tongue & groove, Swedish cope, saddle notches for corners, mortise & tenon joints to create a solid, air-tight fit. Thru-bolts (threaded rods) are also incorporated into our log wall systems to control settlement.

Canadian Timber Homes can show you how to build the package yourself, offer construction services, or can provide project management for a complete factory"turn-key" service. We will help you design your dream home, provide plans and construction specifications, technical support, all building materials including doors, windows, cabinets, flooring, stains & finishes and much more.

Wood coreWhen you choose Canadian Timber Homes, you are tapping into over 50 years experience in the pre-manufacturing of quality home packages.

CTH Homes are built with care

We use experienced workers, select materials and proven techniques in the construction of your timber home. All building procedures are proven, time tested, and to National Building Code.
We use conventional foundations and basements (concrete or wood). We can incorporate the latest building methods and materials including PWF Preserved Wood Foundations or Pre-Cast concrete or ICF-Insulated Concrete Forms utilizing energy efficient foam insulation.
Insist on a "no-squeak" floor system? We do! We use the latest in manufactured-joist or truss floor systems.
You may choose to finish the interior of your timber home more traditionally with solid wood doors, cabinets, floors and ceilings. Or you can incorporate many contemporary features into your dream log home. In certain areas you may choose drywall partitions, textured ceilings, modern kitchens and baths, sunrooms, skylights, tile flooring etc. Your imagination is our only limitation.

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